Naoki Kosaka
Naoki Kosaka
Jazz Pianist / Composer

     NAOKI KOSAKA, born 1973, in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and grew up in a Christian family. (in Japan, Christians are very few.) By the time I was 4 years old, I started playing the piano and composing music. Throughout my childhood, I met various types of music in church such as Hymns, Classics, Jazz, Pops, Rock...and many more. Jazz especially charmed my heart. At 13 years old, I began playing jazz and studying music composition. Throughout my teens, I took great delight of music in church.

     In 1995, I graduated from Department of Music at Nihon University College of Art, majoring in Music Composition, and exhibited my work at Yomiuri Newcomer Concert. During college I studied composition from Sumiko Minemura, and piano from Shigeko Aoyama. After graduating, I took education of Jazz Improvisation from George Ohtsuka.

     In 2000, I was honored "Best Musician Award" at the Yokohama Jazz Promenade Competition. In 2007, I released a piano solo album "IN THE HYMN" which consists of 8 hymns arranged by myself. In 2008, released 2nd album "IN THE HYMN, volume 2".

     Now I express my heart through music as a jazz pianist, composer and an arranger, and believe that MUSIC CAN OVERCOME ANY BORDER OR LANGUAGE.

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